Saturday, April 10, 2010


Here in Murphy, Texas the pace of living slows down from that of the big city with a whole lot less noise. The small-town atmosphere of Murphy offers its residents ample opportunities to enjoy some of life's leisurely experiences.

A favorite of mine is heading on over for happy hour at the local drive-in during my mid-afternoon break. Most folks would think that if you have seen one drive-in you have seen them all. As for me, it is what the city offers that makes this drive-in experience enjoyable.

Springtime and the car window goes down to enjoy the breeze, the sunshine, the chirping of birds and the loud speaker music, well, if it happens to be the 70s. Other times I take the opportunity to catch up on my reading. Whatever I choose to do, it provides a good break in my work schedule and a refreshing beverage too.

The best part of all this excursion is that I can travel to the drive-in within minutes and be home within minutes never once required to travel on a highway which makes me all the happier to live in the City of Murphy, Texas.

It's a good life in Murphy, Texas.