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The Virtual Garage - Facebook

the Virtual Garage - Facebook

Facebook Brings Home the Virtual Garage

Not only are the ways we socialize changing so are our homes or rather our virtual homes. We all can agree that Facebook has become more than a social network. For some members it has become the virtual garage. Or at least that was my recent experience in the network.

The new Facebook ticker allows us to see what our friends are doing on Facebook. The other day I noticed some friends joining a particular page so I jumped over there to check it out. Boy, I am glad I did.

What I found was a way to have a “garage” sale without the garage. And without a lot of the other hassles associated with having a garage sale. I observed the events of the page for a few days before I opted to try it out for myself. I had a few items I wouldn’t mind selling but I knew in a “real” garage sale I was not too likely to obtain the modest amount of money I would be asking for them.

I cleared and cleaned my first item. Staged it for a photo op. Posted it on the page and within FOUR minutes it was SOLD. We did a little negotiating; I was polite but firm and received my asking price. Within an hour the buyer arrived with cash in hand and we were both happy.

Move over eBay - Facebook has arrived!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Plano Roses - the Beauty of Autumn


Plano Roses the Beauty of Autumn


The cooler weather and rain that has fallen on Plano, TX this Autumn has brought out the most beautiful Rose blooms.

Understanding TEXAS Home Inspections

Posted: 01 Nov 2011 08:40 PM PDT

Understanding TEXAS Home Inspections

Finding the right home to purchase is one step in the process. Insuring that it is a good, sound investment is the next step with a qualified home inspector. David Selman, North Texas professional inspector shares some good information from his personal experience concerning what to expect in the process of the inspection.


Via David Selman (Selman Home Inspections):

New Questions For Today's Home Inspector

Peace of mind is the top reasons that home buyers hire a professional home inspector. People want to know that the home they are buying is not a money pit. They want to know that the home they buy is safe and in the best condition possible for their family. And, if there are repair needs, buyers want to have an idea about what to do about the defects, what the repairs will cost and how soon they need to be done. Asking the right questions of a perspective home inspector is important.

There are many traditional things that are suggested qualities for a great home inspection. And, there are lots of questions that people have been told for years to ask a home inspector before they hire one. Some of these are questions like;


What gets inspected?

§ How long have you been an inspector?

§ How many inspections have you done?

§ Can I attend the inspection?

§ How long will the home inspection take?

§ What will the inspection cost?

While these are valid questions, most home inspectors will answer these questions in much the same way. The main differences will be the cost of the inspection and how long they have been in the profession. In my opinion, a quality home inspection should provide a complete report, support, solutions and advice that will help a buyer purchase a home with confidence.

As a professional home inspector, I can certainly answer the questions above. However, my firm strives to deliver more value than other North Texas companies. It is our goal to set a new standard and to be the leader in the Texas Home Inspection industry by also providing support, solutions and advice.

Furthermore, while there are lots of people and websites that tell you what to ask the inspector, there are few who tell you what the answers should be. So, may I suggest a new set of questions and (my) answers for today's home inspector?

§ What is the purpose of your home inspection?

§ "To reduce the risks associated with buying a home by disclosing any difficiencies before you close and inherit any problems. Working for you and your family, I want to educate you on the condition of the property in relation to today's standards. Our home inspection is designed to educate and provide valuable information about the condition of real estate before you make what could be a life long family investment."

§ Are you licensed?

§ "Yes. All home inspectors in Texas are required to be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission."

§ How many inspections do you do?

§ "Normally, no more than two each day per inspector. A home inspector can not perform a thorough inspection doing any more than two per day."

§ How long have you been a home inspector?

§ "X number of years. Prior to home inspections, I was in the construction industry."

§ What are the standards or codes used for your home inspections?

§ "In Texas, home inspectors are required to inspect structures using the Texas Standards of Practice and local building codes."

§ What do you inspected?

§ "Everything between the foundation and the shingles including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, appliances, grading and drainage. (We want our clients to know what to expect)"

§ Can I attend the inspection?

§ "Yes. You are welcome to attend as much of the home inspection as you like. However, we will review all of the findings with you at the conclusion of the inspection."

§ How long will the home inspection take?

§ "It depends on the condition of the property, how large the property is and what other aminities are present. Normally 3-5 hours."

§ What is included with the home inspection report?

§ "The buyer home inspection we perform for you will be presented in a binder and will include a complete Texas Home Inspection Report with color photos and illustrations, a copy of the inspection agreement, a summary report, access to our Home Maintenance Guide, access to our Preferred Vendor List and, a 100 Day Coverage Certificate and a ten percent discount on your next Lowe's purchase."

§ When will I recieve the report?

§ "Our office is mobile. In most cases, your home inspection is printed onsite and reviewed with you at the time of the inspection."

§ What if I can't be there for the inspection?

§ " We can deliver your home inspection to you and your agent via email. We can also post your report to a secure location on our website for you to view and print from online. We are happy to review the report by phone or make a separate appointment to meet you at a more convenient time."

§ What will the inspection cost?

§ "The money spent for a home inspection is small when compared to the cost of real estate, your mortgage and any unseen defects. Our inspection services are competitively priced and unequaled in service, thoroughness, quality, support and value at just $xxx.xx."

§ How can I save money on a home inspection?

§ "We offer discounts for using our website or smart phone site to schedule your inspection services and, we offer discounts to law enforcement, teachers and medical professionals in association with "Homes For Heroes."

§ Do you inspect swimming pools and spas?

§ "Yes.  If a property has a pool or spa, it is inspected at no additional cost."

§ Do you inspect sprinkler systems?

§ "Yes. If a property has a sprinkler system, it is inspected at no additional cost."

§ Do you do termite inspections?

§ "Yes. We perform a complete termite inspection which includes a WDI report for $xx.xx."

§ Do you septic system inspections? 

§ "Yes. We perform a septic system inspections for $xx.xx."

§ Do you arrange for access to the property?

§ "Yes. Like agents, we are equiped with SUPRA keys and HUD keys. We will take care of all of the property access requirements for you through the Centralized Showing Service."

§ Are you insured?

§ "Yes. We carry Error & Ommissions, commercial vehicle and business liability insurance which exceeds the requirements set by the Texas Real Estate Commission."

§ How do you back up your inspections?

§ "Our inspection services are back with years of experience, ongoing training, our 100 Day Inspection Certificate and, we are available to take your calls and answer any questions you may have before, during and after your inspection."

In addition to these questions, you may also want to ask if the inspector has any referrences. Today, video referrences are preferred by many.

As you can see, the questions to ask a home inspector before you hire them have changed some over the last few years. Many inspectors provide answers to these questions on their websites but you are encouraged to call and ask some of these.

A Cheap Home Inspector May Cost You More

There are always "cheap" home inspections to be found. Most of these are new to the business or are not busy for one reason or another. If an inspection firm is not busy, there is a reason. A home is one of the largest expenses most families ever make. The home inspection is NOT the place to skimp. It is NOT the time to shop for the least expensive. "You get what you pay for&qu

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